The benefits of planting trees far surpass the cost of planting and maintaining them. Yet, tree planting is not very accessible for many people and communities.

Refolia is working to change this. In Fall 2020, we are piloting last-mile tree delivery, planting, and sponsorship services in Santa Fe, NM. We feature locally-curated tree lists that fit future climates as well as customer preferences. We provide the truck, the shovel, and the expertise to bring good trees from local nurseries right to your doorstep.

We are also seeking sponsors who wish to fund equitable and efficient tree planting opportunities in their neighborhood, city, and beyond. US cities are loosing tens of millions of trees every year while facing a period of unprecedented austerity. These investments are essential to reducing heat-related illness, cleaning air, managing stormwater, and improving human well-being in your community. Contact us to learn more.
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Refolia Public Benefit Corporation

3201 Zafarano Dr., Suite C #110
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