Refolia is a New Mexico-based social impact startup working to provide on-demand reforestation for American cities. 

We will be building and testing products and services in Spring of 2021 during our first-ever "Tree Sprint!" in Santa Fe, NM. If you live in Santa Fe and are interested in planting a tree, just fill out this form to let us know (click here for Spanish version). We are working to line up sponsors for as many trees as possible.

If you live elsewhere, feel free to fill it out the form anyway! As an early-stage company, we want to hear from you no matter where you live. Email us at admin@refolia.com to discuss:
  • Your experiences planting trees and keeping them healthy
  • Your efforts to support vibrant and equitable reforestation of your community
  • Your business' commitment to environmental stewardship and climate adaptation on behalf of your employees, investors, and customers
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Refolia Public Benefit Corporation

3201 Zafarano Dr., Suite C #110
Santa Fe, NM 87507